This unofficial testsuite is in alpha. Please file a bug report if you encounter an issue.

Run A New Test Suite

To run a new testsuite against your test server, please submit the following form. Once you submit the form, you will be taken to the test status page. It does not use javascript, so you will need to periodically refresh the page until the tests are all terminated, or until you are prompted with instructions. When you are presented with instructions, the test suite will pause its execution of further tests.

Please note these additional considerations when running a test:

  • There are currently no C2S tests.
  • The test suite will only live for 15 minutes before being garbage collected.
  • There is a known problem with the "Done" button in the one instruction that prompts for it.
  • Early on, a test will prompt you to "Block" a test actor, but that actor will be re-used in later tests. Oops!
  • One or two tests use a 5-second sleep. If you've completed a behavior and see no progress, please be patient!

To start, you will need a single test Actor ID hosted on your server for this test suite to run tests against.

General Test Options

S2S-Only Test Options