This unofficial testsuite is in alpha. Please file a bug report if you encounter an issue.

Unofficial ActivityPub Testsuite

This server allows you to run a machine-assisted test suite against an ActivityPub application. It is a port of the old official test suite. While the old test suite was comprehensive for C2S and S2S, it was mostly a questionnaire for the S2S portion. This test suite aims to minimize the "on your honor" questions, though it cannot eliminate all of them.

When you run a test suite, please take notice of the following considerations:

  • You run tests only against servers you own
  • You do not use the testsuite for spam & abuse
  • You do not abuse the testsuite server

As such, usage of these testsuites is monitored.

If the community cannot be respectful in its usage of this testsuite then it will no longer be hosted as a freely available resource. To notify of such incidents, please reach out to

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